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Over 40 Years of Quality Parts Manufacturing & Fabrication

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For well over forty years...

MW Industries has been delivering high-quality custom manufactured and fabricated products for a wide range of clients and applications.

MW Industries has an extensive line of in-house equipment to meet virtually every customer’s special custom needs.  From one-of-a-kind, small production runs of one to two pieces, to large production orders of a million parts, MW Industries can meet and exceed your unique requirements, fabricating to your specifications.  MW Industries prides itself on being an extremely responsive, quick turnaround custom job shop, delivering quotes on orders, handling rush orders, and having consistent on-time delivery of end products.  To that end, MW Industries is ready to handle your emergency requirements and needs, and we make ourselves available 24 hours a day.

MW Industries is a custom manufacturer and fabricator of the following products:

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MW Industries has an extensive line of in-house production and fabrication services to support the custom manufacturing process.

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Our Expertise...

To reiterate, MW Industries’ expertise is in the field of custom, non-standard washers, brackets, fasteners and metal stampings.  To that end, MW Industries works closely with each customer throughout the entire manufacturing process, from the initial contact and discussion of component needs and specifications, to recommending materials and designs, prototyping and first article delivery and approval, to the production and delivery of the completed washer, bracket, fastener, or metal stamping.  The internal quality system at MW Industries ensures that your component meets or exceeds the specifications outlined in the initial design; our internal quality review is in place for every step, from design concept through production.

The staff at MW Industries is extremely experienced in all aspects of sales, design, production and quality/inspection, with over 400 years of experience in all facets of custom design, manufacturing, sales, quality control, quality assurance and inspection.  The MW Industries design team can work with your CAD/CAM drawings and engineering files developed using AutoCAD, Pro-E, and many other engineering programs, as well as pdf files.  In addition, the MW Industries design group can recommend the best material that should be used for your component.  Contact MW Industries today with all of your custom washer, fastener, bracket and metal stamping needs!