Along with over 400 years’ combined experience in all facets in the development and production of custom and special fasteners, washers, metal stampings and brackets, MW Industries has an extensive material inventory and a wide range of in-house manufacturing requirements to handle the most critical manufacturing needs and turnaround times of our customers.  MW Industries is prepared to meet orders of a couple of pieces to a million parts, and continues to increase the size of our facility and upgrade our existing manufacturing equipment.

Along with our experienced staff, another key behind our design and manufacturing success is our plant production equipment.  Notable production apparatus includes:


  • Six  80 Ton Punch Presses
  • One 110 Ton Punch Press
  • One 120 Ton Double Crank Press
  • One 200 Ton Punch Press
  • One 400 Ton Punch Press
  • Two 500 Ton Press, with 1/4 inch thick by 25 inch diameter blanking capacity
  • Two Littel Servo Feeders
  • Air Feeder
  • 12 Foot Press-Brakes
  • One 1/4 inch to 12 Foot Accushear
  • One 1/2 inch to 10 Foot Pearson Shear
  • One 1/8 inch capacity Circle Shear
  • One 1/4 inch capacity Circle Shear



  • Three Hurco CNC Milling Machines
  • Three Acer Milling Machine
  • Five Bridgeport-type Milling Machines
  • Three Hurco CNC Lathe
  • Three Manual Lathes
  • Four Surface Grinders
  • Two Production Saws
  • One Vertical Saw
  • Three Heat Treating Ovens
  • Numerous Vibratory Deburring Machines
  • Numerous Parts Cleaning Equipment
  • Other Manufacturing Operations Support Equipment

As part of its extensive manufacturing process, MW Industries provides complete secondary operations including deburring, reaming, flame cutting, plating, tapping, galvanizing, counterboring, painting, heat-treating, and spotfacing.  Along with its unique quality control system, MW Industries can meet all your custom and special fasteners, metal stampings, brackets and washers manufacturing requirements.  From the initial phases and concept of the project to completion of the production process, MW Industries is ready to meet and exceed all your manufacturing specifications – call or request a quote today!