Tool and Die

Since its inception in 1976, MW Industries has provided its customers with a complete line of in-house tool and die services for all of their custom manufacturing and fabrication needs and requirements.  Along with an extensive array of equipment (click here to see our detailed list and description of our manufacturing apparatus), MW Industries has the experienced staff, rapid quoting capability, a superb internal quality control and assurance system, quick delivery on customers’ requisitions, and an outstanding record of meeting and exceeding customers’ needs by surpassing their expectations for every custom fastener, custom metal stamping, custom washer and custom bracket order

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In terms of tool and die services, MW Industries has the capacity to work with all types of materials – including stainless steel, carbon steel, Hastelloy, Inconel, Monel, phenolics, rubber, Teflon, Delrin, titanium and many others that are in stock at our facility.  Our in-house tool and die team can evaluate your concept, assist you in selecting a material that will best handle your overall requirements, and develop the custom tool and die needed to handle production of the order – whether it is a requisition of a few pieces or a million part order.  As part of the production process, our tool and die group will quickly evaluate the component concept, and determine how long it will take to manufacture the part.  Utilizing our tool and die forming capabilities, MW Industries can internally develop the custom tools and dies needed to fulfill the customers’ order.  Ninety-eight percent of all jobs at MW Industries are successfully completed in-house; for the other two percent of our client requests, long-time partners assist us in completing your order (while maintaining our internal high standards of quality).


Custom and non-standard washers, brackets, fasteners and metal stampings are routinely taken from initial concept to full production and delivery.  Utilizing our extensive tool and die services, MW Industries has successfully manufactured (and continues to produce) custom and specialty products for the industrial, commercial and consumer sectors.  For example, our tool and die team has developed custom safety gauges for high pressure grease pumps; specialty gauges alerting an operator when a pump is fully engaged; and other custom instrumentation used in industrial and underwater environments.  MW Industries has also manufactured classic car restoration parts, taking old fenders, doors and other worn sheet metal automotive components, creating the appropriate tool and die jigs to shape and form reproduction doors, fenders, panels and other body components with a high degree of accuracy and in a material that is better (in terms of durability) than the originals.  Other examples of custom metal stampings produced by MW Industries include classic car spare tanks for oil, water and gasoline.

Combined with an internal quality control system, as well as heat treatment and finishing departments, MW Industries’ tool and die services can meet your every custom and specialty metal stamping need.  Take advantage of our experienced tool and die services team for your custom and specialty metal stamping requirements – contact MW Industries today!