MW Industries is a complete, one-stop, quick turnaround job shop that manufactures, from initial concept to completion and delivery, custom and specialty metal stampings, fasteners, washers and brackets for a wide range of applications and industries.  Along with an extensive line of in-house manufacturing equipment and tool and die services, MW Industries provides CNC fabrication capabilities for all customers’ projects, no matter how small or large the production run is.

The process of computer numerically controlled fabrication, also called CNC fabrication, delivers flexible manufacturing capabilities without incurring the cost of expensive stamping presses and dies.  Another benefit of CNC fabrication is that the process can be utilized for small production runs; in other words, high production quantities are not needed to take advantage of the CNC fabrication process.

Other Advantages of CNC Fabrication

  • Production quantities in the thousands can be economically manufactured; the only limiting factor is the complexity of the custom component.  Standard size holes and straightforward contours will accelerate the production of thousands of parts.  With a CNC turret press, custom components that require slots or complicated hole patterns can be easily produced with standard tooling.
  • The CNC fabrication process is extremely adaptable – that is, the procedure allows the operator to manufacture many various configurations of components, due to the modular nature of the CNC tooling.  Many of the dies and punches required for CNC fabrication are readily available and can be matched and combined to manufacture a wide range of configurations.
  •  Since the tooling is available (either already in-house or readily obtainable from suppliers), there is little or no lead-time for tooling.  The production order can be scheduled and started quickly, once the programming for the CNC fabrication process is completed.

With quick turnaround on orders, an in-house quality control system, and rush orders handled quickly, MW Industries provides a host of services to meet the stringent requirements for all your custom and specialty metal stamping, bracket, washer and fastener requirements.  Call or request a quote from the experienced team at MW Industries today for all your CNC fabrication component specifications!