Punch Presses

MW Industries has an extensive line of punch presses to handle all production orders for custom fasteners, custom washers, custom metal stampings and custom brackets – no matter how small or large the order.  Our on-site punch presses include:


  • Six 80 Ton Punch Presses
  • One 110 Ton Punch Press
  • One 120 Ton Double Crank Press
  • One 200 Ton Punch Press
  • One 400 Ton Punch Press
  • Two 500 Ton Press, with 1/4 inch thick by 25 inch diameter blanking capacity

MW Industries’ punch presses range from 1 to 500 tons.  The 500-ton punch press has a blanking capacity of 12 inches in diameter by 1/2 inch thick, or (alternatively) a capacity of 25 inches in diameter by 1/4 inch thick, along with a significant deep draw capacity.  Other manufacturing equipment complementing our punch presses include press brakes, shears and coil handling equipment.  With this wide range of punch presses and ancillary equipment, MW Industries can handle any size production run smoothly and efficiently.

AIDA-America Punch Press Equipment – Single Point Gap Press: NC1


AIDA-American Punch Press Equipment – Two Point Gap Press: NC2

At MW Industries, we continue to add punch presses and other manufacturing equipment to increase our capacity and ability to meet stringent customer turnaround times.  Throughout every step of the manufacturing process, from initial phase and concept to completion and successful delivery of your custom brackets, custom fasteners, custom washers and custom metal stampings, the team at MW Industries meets and exceeds your expectations, with high quality standards designed into each and every component.  The MW Industries staff can assist you by recommending the optimum material for your custom fastener, custom washer, custom metal stamping or custom bracket, as well as handle rush orders with fast quotes – no matter how small or large the production needs are, from one or two pieces to orders in the millions.  Contact the professionals at MW Industries for all of your custom component design and production needs!